Goods born from Wants &/or Needs.
Wants & Needs is the design outlet of designer and maker Olivia Shanks Kaplan (that's me).

I've been making clothes since I was in grade school. Growing up in a rural Indiana town in the pre-internet 80's/90's, I didn't have access to the clothes I wanted. Even if I did, I wouldn't have had the funds to buy them. So I figured out how to make the things that I wanted and continue to do so to this day.

Fast forward to college days. . .  I convinced my best friend to start a womenswear line with me. We launched Imaginary People in 2009, serving up slinky, jersey womenswear silhouettes. We released collections for five years and built a catalog of garments that I still get requests for today. We stopped working on Imaginary People but I've never stopped designing.

Wants & Needs is the outlet for my continued design. Expect to see women's and kid's clothing and accessories and maybe some Imaginary People re-releases as well.

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